Senatory Poll

Why is Ron Running?

Ron Smith is running for Venice City Council to help solve difficult problems and restore trust in local government.

Last year Ron was honored to serve as the chief negotiator for Venice Unites, the group that collected more than 2,500 signatures on petitions challenging the city’s land development regulations.

Once the group earned a seat at the table with its widespread support, Ron helped them win changes limiting building heights, protecting neighborhoods, preserving historic buildings, and defending wildlife.

Asked what political hill he would be willing to die on, Ron said it would be a hill where he was fighting on the side of neighborhoods.

Late last year, Ron sensed a sea change as more people started to stand up against unbridled development and the congestion and associated problems it creates. 

Bird Bay residents fought off a developer who wanted to take back part of their golf course and build more homes.

The North Venice Neighborhood Alliance was formed and is still battling against a proposed shopping center on Laurel Road that would replace a park-like wetlands previously dedicated as open space.

Now Ron wants to continue his defense of neighborhoods by serving on the City Council. But he can’t mount an effective fight without your help, so please join his campaign.