Senatory Poll

Advocating for Venice and Preserving Paradise is Bi-Partisan

Ron is well-versed in the city’s history and the need to preserve it, he has a good understanding of the city’s finances, shows concern for the environment, and will work to help find a solution to more affordable housing. Ron’s strongest point is his ability to listen to a variety of ideas and opinions and use his common sense to proceed in a direction that will be most benefi cial to the future of the city. ~ John Holic, Former Venice City Mayor

As I leave office, I am very happy that Ron Smith has agreed to run for my seat and I am supporting his candidacy with no reservations. Passing the torch would have been diffi cult and painful if someone with Ron’s experience, intelligence, commitment and values had not been ready to take over. Ron has spent many, many hours at City Hall building relationships that allowed me to immediately work with – not against – City staff, City Councilors and Board members. ~ Dick Longo

Ron Smith is the most qualified candidate for Venice City Council. He has supported the fight against the shopping center development in North Venice. He also agrees that special exceptions should not be granted for everything. He has a vision for redevelopment of the industrial area in Venice and the airport Industrial area. He brings good ideas and vision for the future of Venice. For these reasons and more I endorse Ron Smith for City Council Seat 2. ~ Dean Calamaras, Former Venice City Mayor

Ron is active in the community, honest and hard working. Very importantly, he has pledged not to accept support from dark money PACs, which have flooded Venice elections in recent years with untraceable money from across the state to elect pro-development candidates. ~ Venice Thrives

Nancy Daniels and I are endorsing Ron Smith for Venice City Council Seat 2. He is a long term City resident with both business and legal experience. This past year he has demonstrated that he works with ALL people to resolve major resident issues which included a proposed City land use policy. As a strong leader he facilitated a process to resolve the issue without using the court system.

His legal and business expertise are needed on City Council. He will assist in preventing lawsuits which in past years have wasted millions of taxpayer dollars. His leadership skills are backed with action. Vote for RON SMITH. The City of Venice will thrive with his knowledge and problem solving ability. ~ Bob Daniels, Former City Councilperson & Vice Mayor

Ron has clearly stated he will work to protect what attracted all of us to Venice: its historic character and small-town feel. He will work to control runaway development and its impacts, which is of critical concern to NVNA. He has spent time listening to NVNA’s concerns. ~ North Venice Neighborhood Alliance


Ron will research every issue and educate himself before voting. ~ Janice McDermott Collins, Former Council Member


Ron understands that ecological destruction in Venice is nothing less than economic suicide. He is willing to tackle tough problems like Red Tide. ~ Ernie Zavodnyik, Former. Venice Council Member

Ron taught us all a classic civics lesson in negotiating a settlement between Venice Unites and the City Council that saved taxpayers a lot of aggravation and money. ~ Derek Reich, Public School Civics Teacher & State House Candidate


Every board, committee, organization, etc. should have member balance regarding political, common sense and imagination. It is my feeling that Ron Smith will help bring additional balance to the Venice City Council. ~ Monty Andrews, Active City Volunteer